General Frequently Asked Questions


Where will my order be shipped from? 

All orders are packed and sent locally from our warehouse on the Gold Coast, Australia. 

Who do you ship your orders with? 

We're partnered with Australia Post. All orders are sent with free standard, tracked shipping via Australia Post. You can select to pay for additional express shipping at the checkout. 

I have placed my order but haven’t gotten my tracking number yet. How long should this take?

Please allow for 1-2 business days for your order to be processed within our warehouse and for a tracking number to be generated. Please also check your junk/spam folders as tracking numbers are sent to your email via an automatic notification.

I received my tracking number but there are no updates?

After your order has been received, it is processed in our warehouse where we generate a tracking number with the courier company. The tracking number will only be updated once it has been scanned in by the courier. This can sometimes take 1-2 business days.

I entered the wrong details on my order, how can I change it? 

In the case that you have incorrectly entered your address, please contact our customer service team at: as soon as possible. If not notified as soon as possible it may unfortunately be too late to change the address. While we will do our best to ensure your order reaches you, we do not offer a refund on items sent to the incorrect address if you have not attempted to notify us. Any return to sender or re sending fees will be incurred at the customers expense.

I'm not sure what size I should be buying, what if I get the wrong size? 

We recommend you refer to our size guide for measurements. We understand it can be quite tricky to select the perfect cup, which is why we offer buy 1 get 1 free. This way you can try both sizes for the price of one, ensuring you get the perfect fit on your first order. 



How far should I insert my life cup?

This varies from person to person and can depend on the length and height of your cervix. If you have used tampons in the past, your cup will sit in a similar position as a tampon. For those who may have a low cervix, the stem may poke out. Most of ours users have found that they can feel where the cup sits comfortable for them. Trial and error will help you find your perfect position.

How do I remove/empty my cup? Can I change it in a public toilet?

As long as you have access to a toilet, you can empty or remove your cup anywhere. Simply wash your hands, find the stem of your cup and gently pinch to remove the seal. Carefully slip the cup out. Empty contents into the toilet. You can either rinse with water, or if you’re in a public toilet simply wipe down with toilet paper and reinsert. Make sure when you have access to a private bathroom to give your cup a quick wash.  

How long can I wear my cup for?

Thankfully, Life Cups hold up to 3 - 5 times more fluid than disposable tampons, meaning you can go longer without changes. You can wear your cup for up to 8 hours. Depending on your flow, you may need to empty your cup more frequently. It may take some time to figure out how many hours suit you, so for your first few uses check more frequently. We recommend that you try to never leave your cup long enough that it overflows while wearing.

How do I clean my Life Cup?

Your Life Cup must be cleaned every 8 hours. To avoid compromising the cup, do not use any harsh chemicals or antibacterial hand soaps, these are commonly found in public bathrooms and can also cause you irritation when inserted.

Do not use scented soap or antibacterial soaps, ensure there are water based and as natural as possible.

After your cycle, you should sterilise your cup by submerging it in a pot of boiling water for 5-7 minutes. Use tongs to keep the cup steady and prevent it from touching the sides or bottom of the pot.

I have an IUD, can I use a Life Cup?

While menstrual cups can be used by those with IUDs, we recommend that you consult your physician prior to use to ensure that there is enough space between your IUD and where your cup would sit. Please keep in mind that some may not have enough space to accomodate both an IUD and menstrual cup, which is why it is best to consult with your physician before attempting to insert a cup to avoid any tampering to your IUD.

My cup keeps leaking? Am I using it wrong?

If you’re experiencing leaking with your cup, it more than likely means that your cup is not positioned correct and therefore not creating a secured suction seal.

You may want to try using a different folding or insertion method, or try insert at a different height/angle. It takes time and effort to figure out what works for you. Don't give up!

How many years can I use my Life Cup for? 

If cared for correctly, you Life Cup will last for 6-10 years! That's a lot of waste saved from going to landfill.