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Environmentally friendly.

The Life Pad is an environmentally friendly, cost effective and comfortable alternative to disposable pads.


Hand crafted with 3 layers, the comfort begins with a delicate bamboo charcoal blend which is antibacterial and soft on skin. Filled with a light and absorbent microfibre layer to keep you feeling fresh and dry. The Life Pad is finished with an external water proof coating to allow for maximum protection. Secured with wings that clip underneath your underwear to be held in place.

Reusable pads are a great addition to menstrual cups, they may be used as a back up to a cup or for daily use for those with irregular cycles.

Life Pads can be conveniently machine washed and after a quick pre rinse can be added to your regular laundry. Visit our FAQ for more care information.

Please keep in mind that everyone is different and select your size based off your current experience using disposable pads. Both sizes are the same level of absorbency.

REAL Customer Reviews

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Most people can wear either size Life Cup but choose one over the other primarily based on flow amount, cervix height and general physique. Unlike other brands, at Life Cup we do not believe that age and birthing history play a significant role in choosing a menstrual cup. Mothers with multiple births are happily using Life Cup - Regular while teenagers, with a heavy flow, choose Life Cup - Large.  

Life Cup - Regular is ideal for users with a Normal flow and Life Cup - Large is suited for people with a Heavy flow. You can view our Size Chart below for further guidelines.

If you are unsure about what size is suitable for you, we recommend you make the most of our Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer and try one of each size.

Life Cup Dimensions  Life Cup - Regular Life Cup - Large
Cup Diameter 4.3cm 4.7cm
Cup Length 6cm 6cm
Stem Length 2.5cm 2.5cm
Cup Volume 28ml 35ml

Most people can wear either size Life Pad but choose one over the other primarily based on flow and preferred coverage.

Life Pad Regular: Ideal for users with a light to regular flow or for daily use.

Life Pad Large: Ideal for users with a heavy flow or for overnight use.

Please note our recommendations are simply a guide, every woman is different and it is best to select your size based off what size pads you are currently using.


Life Pad Dimensions  Life Pad - Regular Life Pad - Large
Pad Length 25.5cm 29cm
Pad Liner Width 7.5cm 8.5cm
Pad Total Width 18cm 23cm